Medical Intuitive Readings

A Medical Intuitive is able to take his or her consciousness inside anotherís body and listen to the story within their cells.  Every cell does indeed have a story and is very busy keeping that story alive for you. Through this communication within the body the emotional and mental conditions that are the root cause of the physical illness are able to be identified.

Whether it is a physical problem, an emotional issue, a problem at work or a problem in a relationship, I receive vivid pictures and clairaudient messages about what is going on in your body. I am shown pictures of disease processes, bio-chemical imbalances, organ imbalances, bio-electrical pathways connected to dis-eased organs, as well as mental and emotional blockages. I also see the cause of these blockages and imbalances. As I continue to see and listen, I silently ask, what other factors may be contributing to dis-ease?

My goal here is to help YOU find your own strength and direction for better health and healing. Medical Intuition is a great way to find the underlying sources of your most difficult conditions. Often, we find that there are multiple underlying issues that hold you back from your optimum experience of health and vitality. Use Medical Intuition to empower yourself, take control of your own life and plan your road to better health and wellness!


Take charge of your life today. Decide to do what it takes to learn your bodyís inner language and let go of what no longer serves you.  It is my passion to bring people back to the full awareness and beauty of their own personal power and the profound gifts of wisdom that are awaiting to be embraced within the human body.


As a Registered Nurse for 15 years specializing in Pediatrics and Postpartum/Nursery, Kerry Ann OíRourke, R.N., MS, is helps so many clients achieve profound healing, greater peace, clarity, and sense of life purpose with her extraordinary gifts.


Kerry O'Rourke has practiced Nursing in prestigious institutions across the country including Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, University Medical Center - Tucson, Children's Hospital, Boston and Children's Hospital, San Diego. Along with her extensive experience as a registered nurse, Kerry has been involved in energy healing and honing her intuitive gifts for over 20 years.



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